Healing with the Chakras

I have been studying alternative healing practices for most of my adult life, but, my practice took a rapid turn when I started incorporating the chakras into my work.  To be honest, even though my work was in the “metaphysical” realm, I never considered myself to be very “woo woo” or, the other technical term, “airy fairy”.  I researched everything very thoroughly and tried to stay grounded and make sense of everything.  In my own meditation practice, I began to get a recurring message that I should “do readings”.  Do readings?  I didn’t “do readings”.  I didn’t want to do readings.  Yet, there it was, over and over.  “Do readings”.  So, I began to do psychic readings, using various oracle decks.  The next thing that came up in my meditation practice was “Teach meditation”.  Teach meditation?  I didn’t know how to teach meditation.  I didn’t want to teach meditation.  I think you know where I am going with this.  Yup.  I began to teach meditation and to facilitate group meditations.

These group meditations attracted a fairly small, but regular group of like-minded women into the metaphysical shop I owned at the time.    After we had been meditating together for a few months, I received a very clear and distinct, single word message: “Anodea”.  I had never heard the word before, yet, I understood how to spell it.  I checked in with the ladies, no one had heard of it.  I googled the word and the only reference I found was the name Anodea Judith, a leading expert on the chakras and energy healing.  Well, I was not really interested in this, but, my commitment to follow my soul’s guidance was unwavering so I began to study the chakras.  Yup, I dove right in, head first, to the airy fairy, woo woo world of energy.  I have many stories to tell about how my healing abilities multiplied exponentially, once I began to incorporate the chakras into my group meditations and into my healing work.  I won’t dive into those stories yet, but, I can’t wait to tell you about them!

I will be doing a series of blog posts, writing about the chakras, ways to tell if you are blocked, how to get unblocked, etc. I am also developing an online Healer’s Course which will go into more depth.  For now, I’ll just tell you a little bit about what chakras are, and why we need to know about them.

The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel, circle.  You might have heard that we humans each have 7 chakras, some say 12, but, we actually have many more.  I like to focus on the “main 7”, plus the feet chakras, the “soul chakra”, the earth chakra and the “soul star” chakra.  Don’t worry about what all of these mean right now.  To be honest, studying the chakras can quickly become a rabbit hole that you dive in and never come out of.  I mean, it can take up all of your time; it is so fascinating and there is a great deal of information out there.  I started with this mantra from author Caroline Myss and it remains my mantra today: “The soul knows how to heal itself.  The trick is to get the mind out of the way.”  For me, this meant that I didn’t need to do all of the book learning as much as I needed to trust that I could learn this without committing myself to a lifetime of yogi-hood (yogidom?)

There are many different schools of thought on just where the chakras are located.  Are they inside the body, in the “energy field” around the body? Are they imaginary?  My guidance tells me that they are quite real and that they exist in the energy body and through the physical body as well, carrying energy along invisible channels.  I thought of it like this:  I can’t see electricity, but I know it’s there.  I know it animates things like light fixtures and my heater and 8 million other things I rely on.  I just flip the switch, and it works; I don’t know how it works, I can’t see it working, yet I see the result of it working.  Same goes for the energy in our body.  There is “something” that animates us.  Do we know what it is or how it works?  How it comes into our bodies? What if we don’t really “need to know”, but, can just trust that it is there and begin to work with that energy and see what happens? So, stay tuned, and I will begin with the root chakra (also known as the base chakra) or, in Sanskrit, muhladara (or muladhara, depending upon who you ask.)


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