No, I am Not Boarding THAT Train

To my friends and family who are Trump supporters,  I still love you, but, no I will not be boarding the “Trump Train”.  I know you probably already know this, but I am not a Trump supporter. In fact, I am anti-Trump.  But, I have really been restraining myself, for the last couple of weeks, and making sure *not* to post anything on social media regarding Trump. I have restrained myself from sharing, even as I cried on the day he was being sworn into office.  Why? Because I have lost a lot of friends and been ignored by others, and, because I don’t want to argue with people. I am sensitive and it hurts my feelings when people make snarky comments or unfriend me on Facebook.   But, it’s time I toughen up a bit, and stand up to share my voice, and go ahead and let you hurt my feelings, if that’s what you want to do.  For my “friends” who say that my posts are too long or too wordy to even bother reading, well, you probably have stopped following my posts a while back.  And, quite frankly, if you post a lot of pro-Trump, anti-liberal ish on your pages, well, I probably don’t follow you either. And, I understand that my liberal posts are “ish” to you too. But, you are right,  this will be wordy.


Look, I get it. If you like Trump and what he stands for…that is your right and nothing I say will change your mind. Please don’t come on my pages to argue with me. It’s pretty clear that we are divided in this way. I promise not to go onto *your* Facebook posts and try to argue with you. If you are set on Trump, and feeling good about this whole thing, well, you will probably just move along, right here.  But, I still want to be your friend, or we are still relatives, but,  I just don’t want to debate this with you. There is simply zero point in that. I don’t call you names, so, please don’t call me a “libtard” (Do people who say that know that is extremely offensive, not just to liberals? Do you know that the play on the word ‘retard’ is reprehensible?)

Don’t tell me that we should “come together”, in the name of Donald Trump. Because. Hell. No. I will come together with like-minded people who are willing to stand up against the type of bullying behavior that this man stands for. I will come together to speak up for marginalized groups and for women’s rights and for religious rights (and the right to *not* be religious, not believe in God at all, if they so choose) and for kindness. If you think that kindness does not belong in our government, I just don’t even know what to say to you. If you think that what America needed was not a politician but a businessman, perhaps you have forgotten that in a corporation, the person on top is in charge of everyone; in charge of their fate, and makes all of the rules and is mostly concerned about money. Period. The people work for him. In government, the politicians are meant to be servants of the people. So, you wanted a corporation, and you got it. How many of you have ever worked in a corporate setting where it was clear that the “Powers that be” did not give a shit about you or the other people? Welcome to the new America.  We threw the baby out with the bathwater.


I am sharing this for people who might not quite have the words yet, like me, to explain why we are so upset. My words seem to have left me. Or, maybe I have the words, but, they have been met with things like “Whiner. Cry baby. Get over it.” Regardless of where you stand on this, we are friends, and you shouldn’t be talking to your friends like that. If you don’t understand *why* this isn’t the same as when you didn’t like that Obama was elected, OK., I will try to explain it again. This is not about winning and losing. This is about the leader of the free world modeling the most abhorrent of human behaviors and giving permission for others to behave in the same way. This is about people turning their heads and ignoring it because, well, he knows how to run a business (highly questionable) or, because as one acquaintance put it “It’s something about his eyes”. (And, seriously, what in the actual hell?) If you know me at all, then you know that I care about everyone. Everyone and everything. I care about all people, not just “my people”.  I care about the future of humanity, not just the future of myself and my family. Everyone matters to me. The planet matters. Trees matter, animals matter. I don’t know if you realize this, and I only came to the realization very recently, but, the actual future of this planet is in jeopardy right now. Not 100 years from now. Right this minute. Because, climate change is a thing and just because most people do not realize how severe it is, does not mean that the threat is not real. Think about it. We are literally killing the planet. In this new regime, money matters more than people and planet.  Because climate change denying, will just make it go away, right?
The issue here is that a person whose entire campaign was filled with hatred is now President. I watched with my own eyes as this would-be-president mocked and mimicked a disabled man on stage. His supporters (along with Trump himself) say that it’s not true. You refused to watch the video, because, someone must have made that up. It simply couldn’t be true. We saw it with our own eyes. I would share the clip here, but I doubt that you would watch it. But, I know you. If any of your children came home and told you that one of the class presidential candidates did this, you would be shocked and horrified. You would be calling the Principle and you would certainly *not* be telling them to pretend it didn’t happen, or that maybe he didn’t mean it or your child must have misunderstood. This is the actual definition of gaslighting. Someone does something bad or offensive, people are hurt or outraged, and the offender looks at them and says “You’re crazy. That never happened.” Gaslighting is now rampant in this nation, as a direct result of the Trump Train. From the pussy-grabbing (“Oh, it’s just ‘locker room talk’) to the disabled reporter to the name calling and all of the other not-presidential behavior of this narcissist (make no mistake, he is one), this man has spread hatred and intolerance throughout our nation.
So, if you have read this far, maybe you already know that the only way to “come together” is to stand up for what is right. To speak up. The peaceful protests are good things. Stop criticizing them because we just need to “support our president”. No. We need to support and speak for what is good and right. What really matters to you? In your heart, not what some guy on a podium says. Because, at the end of the day, he doesn’t give a damn about you. He really doesn’t. And, if you read this whole post, and you still want to argue with me about it, then I will argue it with you, line by line. I will ask you why you thought it was OK that Trump mocked a disabled reporter. I will ask you, point by point about each and every issue. I will ask you why you think it’s OK to stand in solidarity with such a man.  I will no longer listen to “Well, Hillary….” because Hillary is not in the office. And, no, Trump is not the least of two evils. He is evil personified. He is the dark shadow of humanity who is here to show us show us who we are or who we can be.  


  1. This is going to be a long uphill battle because it is really in teh Congress and State Houses where change needs to happen, to talk with people and get them them to actually about what benefits them and not just follow what they are told…

  2. Sarah Thayer Brown

    Thank you! I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that he won! How in Gods name could that happen? I really don’t want to “give him a chance”, but I really am scared. I live on social security and only have medi-care and medi-Cal. The idiot keeps saying 8 years, like he doesn’t know the term is 4 years.
    You have stated your feelings perfectly and I appreciate that! I’m with you.

  3. You are better than me. My family started the attack on me when President Obama was first elected in 2008. Now it has been 9 years. Trump and his hateful Nazi tribe are the cherry on top. Today, I deleted my “friends” who attack me on FB. I am not going to travel to attend my niece’s weddings. I truthfully cannot afford to go, and choose not to subject my self to any more attacks. Life goes on.

  4. Lisa Gonsalves-Hanson

    Thank you Lori-you have spoken true words. We do not have to accept such behavior, that is why we will continue to speak up and fight to keep the rights of all people, animals and the planet! We should be a country that leads by example not quibble over which president had the most attendees at their inauguration! Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless!

  5. Very well stated Lori, proud of you…

  6. This is absolutely awesome!

  7. We should not be asked to honor a dishonorable man.

  8. Well said Lori!

  9. Well said. Reasonable, decent. Thank you.

  10. Thanks for reading and for your kind words.

  11. Thank you. That means a lot to me. ?

  12. God help us if he make sure it 8 years. I doubt it.

  13. The one good thing coming from this is how many people are now getting involved. Hopefully it will be on about the change we n need.

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