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App Development for Businesses of All Sizes

If you look at the number of smartphones in the world—a whopping 1.5 billion—it is easy to see why most of the thought leaders are banking on mobility as the next big engine of growth. But the pace of change is so much that it has left businesses confused: Do we need a mobile strategy? And if yes, how do we go about it? The catch is that the mobile world thrives on social networks, user experience, and innovative ideas, and as such is elusive for those accustomed to the established ways of thinking. But it need not be this way. With the services of an experienced app development partner like Software Developers UK, it is possible to break into the market comfortably. 
Here are the top reasons why mobile app development makes sense for businesses of all sizes:
The new Internet: Mobile is the new Internet. It’s so much easier to just tap open an app on the mobile than wait for the laptop to boot up. But there’s a catch: mobile users are following a different behavior pattern. They are not firing up the browser and searching like they do on the desktop/laptop. Instead, they want to know if there’s an app for that. Weight loss, motivational quotes, or dating, people are searching for software testing and downloading them, pushing app store revenues into billions. This means if you provide a service—property search, restaurant search, meetup groups, yellow pages, whatever—you need to be there on the mobile.
Branding: Functionality is not the only reason you need to be on the mobile. It helps in branding as well. Consider this scenario: You are an electronics company known for your top-notch customer support. Now which is easier for the user: Calling up your customer support number and jumping through hoops, or just firing an app and pressing the “I need help” button which sends an automatic SMS and confirms a service call? Little things like this add to the user experience, helping you build loyalty around the brand.

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Growth: Mobile apps offer an unlimited opportunity for growth. For those who play their cards right, earning millions within a month is not unheard of. Of course it’s easier said than done, but the point is that over time, these efforts add up and open an alternate revenue stream that you’d have missed out on otherwise. This can help startups test new ideas, medium-sized businesses to consolidate their growth and go one-on-one with the customer, and large-sized businesses to optimize their operations and extend reach.
Disruptive marketing: Perhaps the greatest potential mobile apps offer lies in disruptive marketing. Consider the location of user, for example, which was earlier not known to the businesses. Now imagine that you are a restaurant and happen to detect that it’s evening time and a former customer happens to be close by. You can send them a customized offer right there: “Step in right now for a 20% discount!” Think of how much this would mean for the customer; now only would you have made a sale, but also showed a customer that you genuinely care for them.
Mobile app development has so much potential that businesses are not able to fathom the full spectrum of possibilities. Don’t be one of those who are going to miss the bus. With Software Developers UK, you have a chance to break into and dominate the app market, irrespective of the size of your business. We’ve made it happen for a number of companies, which reflects in our client testimonials. Get in touch today and transform your business!

BBC News on your Mobile

In UK everyone loves cricket, good weather & beer. BBC has ensured to keep people updated on the latest news. Now Get the latest breaking news from the BBC and other global network of journalists.
The BBC app is available on the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and is free for download. Simple, easy to use and in the palm of your hand. The BBC website is now available on every smartphone and tablet. A user can skim through headlines, breaking news and summaries or even keep track on the latest cricket score! Most read articles for a quick round up of the day is making it easier for people on the go to catch a glimpse on the latest news.
BBC mobile also offers video clips of the most popular news updates. This app is systematically arranged in categories including Top stories, UK, World, Politics, Business, Technology, Heath, Entertainment, Arts and Sport. It’s the age of personalization and BBC supports that. You can personalize the homescreen by adding and removing news categories to suit your interest & preference. Get started and stay updated.





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