Short Relaxation Guided Meditation

I learned a long time ago that sitting cross-legged in lotus position, hands in the perfect position and chanting “Om” to meditate wasn’t going to work for everyone.  Or even for me.  Well, it works sometimes, but not all of the time. We are not yogis; we are busy people with extremely busy monkey minds.  I made this very short (11 minutes, or so) to help give you an introduction into  being quiet.  🙂 Any amount of time spent, quieting the mind, is beneficial.  If you like, you can set an intention for your meditation period.  For instance, if you have an issue in your life, a question you need answered, etc. you can set the intention to receive it.  Just let it go and let yourself relax and be still.  The answer could quite possibly come during the meditation, or, it might come in a dream, through another person or in a quick, unexplained moment of inspiration.

You should be able to listen to this recording by streaming from here (below) or by right-clicking and saving the mp3 file.  Please feel free to share.